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  • Terrain

    Very very good terrain generator, and can easily improve a lot.

    Look at my terrain.

    Congratulations to Markus and the other developers.

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    Other one.


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      And that one :

      I know that the new RS is in alpha and the Terrain tool is just a small feature, and what i will say have nothing to do with that and all, but...

      Blender has a built in game engine with block coding and scripts, but is a pain to use and understand.

      You create your "game" and play him all day long, because you created him for yourself, in reality is not a game, is a map you created in a sandbox and you will play alone, similar to Minecraft, where players waste time creating buildings, but with the difference that you can add more action, with vehicles and enemies, etc. I remember doing this in the CryEngine long ago, because was very easy to create a map with some prefab vehicles, enemies, buildings, etc. I think that in the future games will be like this, you play what you create.

      Imagine in this terrain picture : You put your base at the top of the mountain, and an alien enemy base over there in the grass, and you must go there to the alien base to kill them, and for this you must use vehicles such as helicopters, tanks, APCs, but will not be that easy and you will need to go back to your base a lot of times. And the sky will be the "Star Nest" from PaintSupreme, damn.

      Low poly and very simple vehicles, buildings, weapons can be easily modeled/created in few hours with a voxel tool or similar feature like MagicaVoxel, just split the models into parts, such as "body", "glass", "lamps", "tires", "weapons", etc, and add their respective behavior scripts to them, without needing 3D animations, add too like "areas" where you touch or access and something happens, and share all these creations online, in a RS database, the users can drag and drop them in the sandbox, attach scripts to them, modify these scripts if they want, etc, share the maps, etc, with this is already possible to make a great sandbox tool.

      Very good to waste time and a good bonus for RS buyers, maybe can bring more users too.

      How much cost the Minecraft ? And he is very weak and boring. So...


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        Thanks for the feedback on the Terrain tool. We are currently working on a new node system for materials for PaintSupreme and RaySupreme, once we have that done and we can connect the terrain to real textures (instead of colors only) it will also look much better.

        Regarding integrated simple game engine, yes, that would be very cool and something we can think about. But we want to first have the object and material editing system working, also physics need to be added. So its certainly something we want to do, it just takes a bit more time to get there

        btw; good to have you back!


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          Lol, yeah man.

          Other day i create and publish here a basic Terrain Generator PDF.

          Meanwhile, i simulated a "fake voxel" model in RSDF, dragging and droping boxes, just for test purposes. In that picture, a building in the MagicaVoxel in the left side, and the same in the RaySupreme DF at right side.

          I suppose that voxels are just boxes in a grid or something like that. In MagicaVoxel, when you export the voxel as .OBJ, he use a picture of a indexed palette as texture, and he set the UV map to the respective color used on the respective box, i think. I dont like and i dont care about voxels, but i like how easy is to create 3D models with them, also you can hide their limits, mask their hard edge shapes as "8 bit style" 3D models who will look "cool" and good enough for cartoonish or old school style games. Even a child can create some cool models using that trick.

          This is a video of a game i made in Unity some time ago, i created all the cars and buildings using voxels with MagicaVoxel, but... i exported them as standard .OBJ with the indexed palette texture, because Unity dont support voxels, so in Unity they are just common meshes with textures.

          This is a viable strategy, but... i prefered standard and round 3D models for tires and terrain, they are not made in voxels with hard edges as you can see.


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            Somehow distance functions are more complex than voxels but much easier to model than meshes. With distance functions cars and round tires (with grooves) can be done easily. We will add example models of all this when we are a bit further along. Right now occupied with the new material node system.

            Game is looking good btw!


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              Those terrain pics do look increadible. Can the engine handle vast amounts of terrain though? Or does the performance suffer too much?


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                Jessop, the terrain and data inside RaySupreme DF is mathematically generated. I.e. no meshes or polygons are used. This creates unique possibilities for interaction between terrain and objects. It is realtime in general, however to work with complex setups we are building the scene progressively.

                Note that this is all under construction and we hope to have RaySupreme in a usable state in 2-3 months.