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  • Cash for gold is a good best way to convert your secure gold investment in term of money. By continuous acceleration in any commodity, the generic producers produce it more. This eventually leads to more supply and price correction. But gold is the exception to this trend. Cash for gold is decade-old price rally has not really motivated mining companies to start a new mine. On the contrary, in recent years, increasing production costs and labour problems have made it difficult for small miners to keep this work profitable. Why this happened, in the last five years where the demand for gold has increased by seven per cent per annum, the supply was less than three per cent, which has led to an increase in prices. After a limit, gold prices fall, which in fact will eliminate further cuts in gold supply. Cash for gold According to recent estimates by Gold Fields Mineral Services, the cost of gold for an ounce of gold has come to $ 1150 in 2012, but most South African miners are working on higher production costs.
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